Codice Customs Control is a complete system for foreign trade, designed to conduct import and export operations from and to Mexico and other countries, fulfilling all governmental requirements discussed in Annex 4 of the IMMEX decree and Annex 24 of the general rules in matter of foreign trade, also integrating modules that allow Mexican brokers to print and validate pedimentos in compliance with Annex 22.

Currently Codice plays a crucial role within companies with international trade operations due to the integration it has in the control and flow of generated data.

Why us Codice?

Legal reasons.

It fulfills each and every one of the legal requirements established by the Mexican legislation as far as the mandatory control of inventories and its minimum content established in Annex 24 of the general rules in matter of foreign trade and Annex 4 of the IMMEX decree.


Codice Customs Contol has specific features that make it a fast, robust, secure and reliable product, but these are only the tip of the iceberg, there are other features that allow businesses that implement the system to enjoy other benefits that will ultimately translate into savings.


Codice has all the modules required by the Mexican government, but in addition incorporates modules that allow businesses to operate in form that simplifies operations under a precise balance control.


It is a flexible system that incorporates a series of functionalities that make the system adaptable to the needs of our clients


It incorporates and promotes electronic data interchange from and to other systems by means of interfaces, we understand that the speed, efficiency and effectives with which data can be moved between different systems is a fundamental part in day to day operations in all companies.