Products and Services.

Glyphic has developed tools to allow not only to fulfill the legal dispositions, but also help you carry out your task in a more efficient and orderly manner. Thanks to our extensive experience in Codice, laws, rules, regulations, and our businesses relations with expert consultants we are able to offer different services either by our highly trained staff or in conjunction with our commercial partners.

Códice Customs Control.

Is a complete system for foreign trade that covers a hundred percent of the requirement that the Mexican government declares in the IMMEX decree and Annex 24, also integrating subsystems that generate, validate and print pedimentos.

Fixed asset tags

This subsystem integrates perfectly into Códice Customs Control, it generates tags to label and manage fixed assets, this level of asset tracking makes taking a physical inventory and comparing imports against export invoices/pedimentos much easier.

Oracle products and services

Due to our business relations with Oracle, we are in a position of offering any product or service from Oracle, be it database, applications or consulting.

In development

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